THE City of Santa Rosa marks a significant milestone this year, celebrating its 20th cityhood anniversary alongside the 25th Sikhayan Festival. These celebrations symbolize the city's dedication to fostering community pride, cultural appreciation and ongoing socioeconomic progress.

Transformative journey

Santa Rosa has transitioned from a town to a city under Republic Act 9264 on July 10, 2004. It marks the beginning of a transformative journey, leading to 2 decades of substantial growth and development. Today, Santa Rosa stands as a beacon of progress and innovation in the Philippines, offering a high-quality life and a thriving economic landscape.

Santa Rosa has undergone a profound transformation over the past 20 years, characterized by significant advancements in infrastructure, health care, education and economic development. Its strategic location and business-friendly environment have made the city an ideal destination for investors, attracting numerous industries and becoming a hub for manufacturing and technology.

This industrial boom creates thousands of jobs, spurs the development of housing and commercial spaces, and enhances public amenities, making Santa Rosa an attractive place to live and work.

Mayor Arlene Arcillas as the heartbeat of progress

At the heart of Santa Rosa's remarkable journey is the leadership of Mayor Arlene Arcillas. Starting her public service as Senior Councilor in 2004, she has become the city's first elected city mayor and first female local chief executive in 2007. Her visionary leadership has been instrumental in driving the city's growth, ensuring that progress is inclusive and sustainable.

Arcillas' Four Pillars of Development framework focuses on economic growth, social development, environmental sustainability and good governance. This comprehensive approach transforms the City of Santa Rosa into a model city, fostering unity and collective growth among its residents.

A hub for economic excellence

Mayor Arcillas has championed numerous initiatives to boost the local economy. These efforts include business incentives, infrastructure projects to improve connectivity, and programs to support small and medium enterprises.

The establishment of the Santa Rosa Business Council strengthens the partnership between the local government and the business community, driving economic growth and innovation.

Key infrastructure projects include the expansion of the City Government Center, enhancements to the Santa Rosa Community Hospital and the development of the City Plaza.

Additionally, the construction of mid-rise buildings for relocation, Santa Rosa City College and new school buildings reflect the city's commitment to meeting the growing needs of its population.

National government projects such as the North-South Commuter Railway and the Super Health Center further enhance the city's infrastructure, ensuring that Santa Rosa remains a vital link in the region's economic network.

A celebration of culture and community spirit

The City of Santa Rosa places a strong emphasis on social development and community welfare. It has been recognized for its child-friendly initiatives, health and nutrition programs, and efforts to combat drug abuse. These programs have not only improved the well-being of residents but have also earned Santa Rosa numerous awards and accolades.

The Sikhayan Festival, derived from "Pagsisikhay sa Kabuhayan" (diligence for livelihood), epitomizes the spirit of Santa Rosa's residents. Celebrated annually, this festival honors the hardworking individuals, who contribute to the city's vibrant economy and rich cultural heritage. The festival's rescheduling to coincide with the cityhood anniversary further strengthens the sense of unity and shared purpose among residents.

Partnerships for a sustainable future

Santa Rosa's commitment to global collaboration and sustainability is evident through its key partnerships. Its sister city agreement with Silay City, Negros Occidental enhances cultural exchange and cooperation. Additionally, a partnership with Glendale, California underscores a shared commitment to advancing technology and innovation.

Collaborations with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific through the Voluntary Local Review Workshop further highlight Santa Rosa's dedication to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

A commitment to environmental stewardship

Under Mayor Arcillas' leadership, Santa Rosa has been making significant strides in environmental stewardship. Initiatives such as Silakbo, a fundraising event for the Santa Rosa Watershed, and the establishment of an Environmental Testing Facility underscore the city's commitment to preserving natural resources and promoting sustainable development.

Recognition and awards

Santa Rosa's dedication to excellence is reflected in numerous awards, including the Seal of Good Local Governance, recognizing its initiatives in promoting accountability and transparency. The Presidential Lingkod Bayan Award conferred to Mayor Arcillas in 2011 is a testament to her extraordinary contributions to public service.

A visionary future

As Santa Rosa celebrates these milestones, the city remains focused on the future. Under the leadership of Mayor Arcillas and Vice Mayor Arnold Arcillas, Santa Rosa continues to embrace innovation and compassionate governance, ensuring a vibrant, progressive and sustainable future for all its residents.

With a foundation built on strong leadership and community spirit, Santa Rosa is well-positioned to continue its trajectory of growth and development, serving as a model for other cities in the Philippines and beyond, guided by the city's motto: Serbisyong makatao, lungsod na makabago (People-centered service, innovative city).

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